April 30, 2012


Here is my entry for another photo challenge! :)

April 19, 2012

Photo Challenge (again) ;)

Linking up to another one of Sadie's photo challenges :)
I took this out in Colorado in December. Probably not the best pic but I think it's cool. ;)

March 24, 2012

Photo Challenge: Silhouettes!

I don't usually do these. But here is my entry for Sadie's Photo Challenge. :)

January 5, 2012


My precious nephew!

Last week I was blessed with being able to travel to Colorado to meet my (first!) nephew, Graeson Ryan McAuley. He is quite adored...as if you couldn't tell. ;) <3 
I had a ball taking pictures of him. And editing them, so bear with me here. =D

Santa Baby ;)

"Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward."

July 30, 2011

Birthdays :)

Pics from Callie's and Granny's Birthday Celebrations. And a few random ones thrown in the mix. :o) 
 Up to something :)

 Nate sharing his snack with the dog. ;)
 Let's get this party started!
 Caraline and Caroline :)
 Silliness. Taken and arranged by Mrs. Stricklen ;)

 pickin and grinnin 
 Your team is counting on you. ;o)
 GET ITTTT!!!!!!!
 Poor Ari had a headache. :( She was a good sport!
 I can't find any action shots of you, Sadie! You'll have to pose for some next time. ;)

That awkward moment.....
....when everyone is singing "Happy Birthday" and you don't know what to do....

Too much cake perhaps? :P

 Little cuz 
 Daddy and Uncle Randall share a laugh outside of Fred's after Granny's b-day dinner. 
 Granny and Katie
 Aunt Susie

Well, my peeps, this appears to be the end. Come back any time! ;)

July 26, 2011

Cousins reunited!

Wow! Summer sure is flying by! I guess I'd better get caught up! :0) Well, my dear cousins the Rowells came down to Florida for their yearly trip/visit and I finally had the opportunity to go home to North Carolina with them!  What a shame that they've lived there 5 years and I just  now got around to it! It was so wonderful to spend that time with them and I will not soon forget it. Here are the pics that are pretty much all on Facebook, but I'm gonna post them here anyway. ;)
*View at your own risk*

Mmmm. 10 hour car ride. Small SUV. 5 people. 3 dogs. = FUN
We'll make it fun! ;)
Larry jammin'. ;)

Friends ;D
It was a long day.... 
Lex serenading us ;D

Best Mexican food ever. True story. :D

Aaron and his sweet girlfriend Laura

Amanda: soooo full. Alexis: mmm tea

Aaron: MINE

This is my uncle Carlos.
(Not really)

Hugging herself??

Consignment shops are the best ;)
Congrats on getting your permit!

He's a leprechaun! ;)
A failed jumping pic.
A failed normal pic...

Playing Just Dance on the Wii 

Twins :P 
Webcam ;)

Heading to Church :)

After church...Tate posing!
Being mature....

Going to Cookout

Amanda: "You know we're basically eating each others spit, right?" *Alexis shrugs* "Eh, we're all family here."

Uncle Wayne!!!
Dad.....there to pick me up. :'(
Yeah, we take too many pictures. But that's what happens when you only see someone once a year. :P
My dear Aunt Dawn whom I was named after. :D
Getting ready to catch lightning bugs!
Pretty night :)

NC/SC state line. Going back to FL. :(
Thanks for stopping by. ;)